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 Health and wellness go hand in hand with achieving a better quality lifestyle.
 If we feel full of energy and raring to go then we will be naturally motivated and
 able to see more clearly what we want from our lives.
 Eating a well balanced diet, drinking water, and taking moderate exercise improves
 our concentration which in turn creates a well tuned mind and body.
 These are all topics we are familiar with but putting them into practise is not always
 so easy with our busy lifestyles.
 I also practise as a health and wellness coach and hold an Arriba! Weight Loss Challenge
 class in North London.
 The WLC lasts for 12 weeks, where we aim to lose weight, learn about nutrition and have 
 some fun, all in a warm atmosphere with like minded people. As your coach I am there to help
 and support you in the issues that affect our weight and health.
 Why not get in touch with me and come along,
 Looking forward to meeting you!